Note on audio playback:

Some speakers do not have enough bass frequency response to play all the music in this piece. Some speakers may play the lower notes quietly even at full volume. Most stereos and headphones are adequate for playback of this album. However, the internal speakers of computers, cell phones, MP3 players (including IPODs) and tablets generally aren’t good enough.

The conversion of this recording to the MP3 format also results in unavoidable distortion and “fuzziness” of some tones which are, in fact, clean and pure when heard at CD quality. Additional pops, clicks, and distortion may also occur with lower-fidelity playback equipment.

Note on the music:

In 2006, I wrote a piece called Of Knowing Others for theremin and violin. A series of cancelled concerts, injuries, broken instruments, and relocations resulted in the piece never receiving a premier. In 2010, I reworked the piece for my own studio realization. This was an interesting challenge because the original piece was largely constructed to facilitate different kinds of improvisational interplay between the performers. I chose the title from a quote attributed to Confucius: “I do not fear that others do not know me; rather I fear it is I who does not know others.”

This piece is included on the album Scrapbook/Landform Variations Book 1.

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