Works: Electronic Music

I love creating electronic music, especially when I can use the medium in ways that would not be possible with acoustic instruments. My earliest pieces were a large body of rock songs that I recorded with synthesizers, sequencers, guitars, vocals, and effects. After becoming familiar with the experimental tradition, I began using studio technology to write music that sometimes included complex textures of electronic sound, micro-tonality, and rhythms that would be extraordinarily difficult or impossible for human performers. Many of my early experiments and rock songs have been reused in my collage music. More recently, I have used these methods to create electronic and electro-acoustic pieces that combine structured improvisation with a unique collection scales and modes in a minimalist/ambient/drone music context.

If you are interested in:
– playing my pieces
– commissioning me, or
– licensing my music,
please email me at info at resourcesfornewmusic dot com.