Works: Chamber Music

I love composing chamber music, particularly when I can write specifically for (an) individual performer(s). I love the opportunity to forge close, mutually creative, and collaborative relationships.

My experience writing chamber music far exceeds what is represented here. All of the pieces excerpted in 1st Collection of Essences and Ephemera and 2nd Collection of Essences and Ephemera were originally written for live instruments (with or without vocalists). Many of them were performed (some repeatedly) – though I do not have serviceable recordings of most of them. After my compositional methods and “style” changed in 2004, I created the Collections as a way to present and preserve those pieces in a different context.
Now I particularly enjoy writing chamber music that includes elements of structured improvisation or aleatoric processes, as can be heard in For Melinda Rice, Eight Systems, and See You Soon, and the NPPCs.

If you are interested in:
– playing my pieces
– commissioning me, or
– licensing my music,
please email me at info at resourcesfornewmusic dot com.