Works: drone / ambient / minimalism

Minimalist techniques and process (especially aleatoric procedures) have been a feature of many of my pieces music since 1997. I have used drones selectively in my pieces for even longer, due to the influence of the Velvet Underground on my rock and experimental music. More recently, I have used these methods to create pieces that combine structured improvisation with a unique collection scales and modes in a minimalist/ambient/drone music context.


1) I use the term “minimalist” very loosely here. There are many styles and off-shoots of the minimalist aesthetic such as “post-minimalism” and “totalism” which could also be applied to some of my pieces.

2) While some of this music bears some similarities to the classic “ambient” works of Brian Eno (as well as Harold Budd and others), my intent is somewhat different than his. My music is not intended to slip in and out of the listener’s conscious mind – I hope it sustains your interest and focus. Similarly, Erik Satie’s concept of “furniture music” is not one of my aesthetic goals.

If you are interested in:
– playing my pieces
– commissioning me, or
– licensing my music,
please email me at info at resourcesfornewmusic dot com.