Works: aleatoric

I don’t let dice rolls write my music but “chance” (aletoric process) does play a roll in some of my music. I usually don’t use chance in “pure” ways – I use it selectively in accordance with my personal taste. So when I use chance to generate musical materials, I’ll only use those results I like in my piece.

My primary uses of aleatoric processes are:
– tempo cannons (pieces where the same melody is played simultaneously at different speeds, especially influenced by Conlon Nancarrow)
– modularity (as developed by Earle Brown)
– unsynchronized rhythmic drifting (as developed by Morton Feldman)
– music determined by process (as defined by Steve Reich and explored in his phasing pieces)
– purposely omitting certain performance indications in my notation to encourage interpretation, or, less frequently, stasis.

If you are interested in:
– playing my pieces
– commissioning me, or
– licensing my music,
please email me at info at resourcesfornewmusic dot com.