Creative timeline 2.0

By November 7th, 2011


Simultaneously mocking and indulging my obsession with over-explaining my music’s stylistic transitions over the years, here is my creative development expressed with version numbers (with limited backward compatibility, omitting minor updates):

  • Version 1.0 Rock songs written and recorded under the name Isolation Miles
  • Version 1.1 Stretched rock songwriting into longer more complicated forms
  • Version 2.0 Instrumental/electronic pieces inspired by the innovations of 20th century experimental music
  • Version 2.1 Added ideas from jazz, classical, and “world music” traditions
  • Version 3.0 Experimental “tape” collage music combining previous work selected from all previous versions
  • Version 3.1 Pieces in the vein of Version 3.0 but written completely from scratch
  • Version 4.0 Composition of an experimental opera (abandoned after several years)  with different creative methodologies
  • Version 4.1 Composition of smaller works using similar methods
  • Version 5.0 Composition of pieces integrating idiosyncratic approaches to improvisation, modal melodies, and form
  • Version 5.1 Integration of idiosyncratic approaches to chords and poly-modality
  • Version 5.2 Integration of idiosyncratic rhythmic structures.

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