Interview: Adam Overton

By June 10th, 2011

Adam Overton photographed by David Weldzius

In March I recorded an phone interview with Adam Overton. Our discussion covered a lot of interesting topics, including

  • Adam’s compositions and concert organizing
  • Adam’s experimental score distribution site, (which I also blogged about earlier this week).
  • Meditation, indeterminacy, and invisible performance
  • The intersection between experimental music, experimental religion, and New Age
  • The importance of community in the life of a musician

Please listen to the edited recording below.

Here is Adam’s 1-paragraph bio from his homepage:

Adam Overton is a living artist, composer and performer of experimental action and music, a teacher of various subjects, and massage therapist based in Los Angeles. Through experiments in rhythm, presence, and contact, my work plumbs the depths and abilities of the bodymindperson, and playfully maps the intimate distance between individuals. I am continually fascinated with and fueled by the transformative practices and radical challenges of awareness, acknowledgment, and [co]existence.

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